Value #1: Intentional Growth

Intentional Growth for All Stakeholders

“He not busy being born is busy dying”

– Bob Dylan

The Mindset & Why

Our mission and vision imply an endless search for better answers to long-asked questions in our field.   Such a search demands a team of determined explorers.  Explorers are committed to expanding their personal limits and their external boundaries. Determined explorers can thrive amid uncertainty – their passion for discovery transforms uncertainty from an obstacle into an opportunity and reason to grow.  In a technology company, exploration and growth are not just honorable goals, they are the the greatest protection people and companies can have against irrelevance.

Leading off with the value of Intentional Growth signals that the willingness to improve and adapt and the willingness to be a catalyst for others to do the same are key attributes for individual and team success at HealthAxis Group.  Without these tendencies, it will be difficult to support the company’s mission & vision or engage with many of our other values.

We are interested in promoting all types of growth, but for us the virtuous cycle begins with the personal growth of our people.  If we succeed in developing our people, their skills, and their perspectives, our collective abilities will allow us to grow our services, grow our products, grow our competitive advantage, help impart a growth mindset to our customers and partners and ultimately grow our bottom line.

The ability to challenge oneself and grow through experience are among the most incredible traits human beings possess.  Our mission and vision hint at the limitless possibilities that come from embracing the future.  These, in turn, reflect a belief in the limitless possibilities of people.  HealthAxis is meant to be an incredible platform for people who believe in possibilities and have a passion and commitment for bringing it about.

The Practice

The first and most obvious key to intentional growth is self-awareness.  As individuals or as a company, without knowing where we stand and where we wish to be, growing is just a vague desire.  We will build self-awareness by encouraging goal setting, committing to feedback relative to those goals, and by promoting opportunities for self-reflection on how to keep growing.  At the organizational level, the value of intentional growth can also be reached through goal-setting, feedback mechanisms for tracking against those goals, and the self-awareness to regularly revisit those goals to determine how we are doing and how they fit as our context evolves.

The second key is education and training.  Growth is elusive without acquiring or developing new knowledge and refining existing skills.  Particularly as we work through substantial transitions and growth of opportunities and scope of business, the growth mindset of our team and the company’s commitment to intentional growth must be nurtured if we expect to come out the other side a stronger company. If the leadership at HealthAxis is not creating ways to expose our team to new ideas and establishing the time or means for our team to absorb and apply them, we are failing relative to this value.

What it Isn’t

This is not a blind bet on people and situations to get better.  The goal of growth does not justify sticking people in roles for which they are not suited or for which we have not attempted to prepare them. We work to ensure we have done the things on the recruiting, training, and process side of the business that make this bet sensible.  This is the “INTENTIONAL” element of intentional growth.

This is not about deferring action or using the need to grow as a pretext for delaying action.  It is about keeping growth and action holistically in step.  Growth and inactivity are not compatible.

Our Values in Action

To move beyond rhetoric, the value of intentional growth is

  • Maintaining an intellectually stimulating workplace
  • Performance reviews carry a development orientation
  • Provide access to copious informational content, facilitate peer teaching, and fund targeted employee training and development
  • Stating and capturing goals for people and teams
  • Setting aside a stated portion of our work year for specific development (e.g. ~10 hours/month) specifically for building skills or knowledge
  • Bringing principles and practices of the growth focus to our customers, our personal lives, and our communities

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